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Splitting Up Together Exclusive: Lena Has an Intimate Moment...With a Squirrel?

It is terrifying and hilarious

Megan Vick

Divorce is hard, but it's made even harder when tree vermin start invading your shower time.

That's Lena's (Jenna Fischer) struggle on the next episode of Splitting Up Together. She's getting her week in the garage to spread her wings and figure out her single self after a terrifying, but hilarious, encounter with a squirrel confirmed that she really needs to get out and play the field.

During her time in the main house taking care of the kids, Lena went to take a shower only to find that her ex-husband Martin (Oliver Hudson) had left the sky light window over the shower open. That sounds nice, right? Wrong! It turns out that squirrels love to run across the roof and one decides to take the open window opportunity to check out Lena in the shower -- fully naked!

How Splitting Up Together Nails the Romantic Sitcom

Luckily, all the squirrel did was take a peek inside and Lena didn't actually have to fight off a squirrel in the nude, but she did realize he was the only male creature to have seen her naked in two years. Yikes. Here's to Lena getting some action soon, preferably from a human.

Splitting Up Together airs Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

Jenna Fischer, Splitting Up Together​

Jenna Fischer, Splitting Up Together

Eric McCandless, ABC