Tori Spelling by Jesse Grant/ Tori Spelling by Jesse Grant/

Is the ultimate 90210 reunion threatened already? Wednesday morning, EW's Ausiello reported that Shannen Doherty might be bringing the sass back to town for the CW redux - leading us BH fans to start fantasizing about the original ladies together again (on speaking terms or not).

But by Wednesday afternoon, Tori Spelling (who already signed on to revive her role as an older Donna Martin) said she's stepping off West Bev turf, at least for the first few episodes. The BH alum told People, "I'm looking forward to returning to 90210 in a later episode, but I just had my baby three weeks ago via C-section. So right now I have to focus on recuperating," she added, "and my first priority is my family."

Think there's more to it? Or was it simply a newborn reality setting in? - Anna Dimond

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