Marisa Ramirez and Dustin Clare Marisa Ramirez and Dustin Clare

Gaia learned the lesson last week, and it was reiterated in Friday's episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena: If you value your life, stay away from the House of Batiatus.

Fearing for her friend's sanity, Naevia sneaked sullied sex slave Diona out of the house. Everyone was too busy to notice her absence anyway since Titus set up a competition among the fighters to prove their worth or else get booted to the mines. When the Syrians went head-to-head, Dagan had more skill (and anger over learning of Ashur's pimping betrayal), but Ashur fought dirty, blinding Dagan and rendering him useless as a gladiator. Just before the final showdown, Gannicus learned that if he lost he'd be sold to Tullius ... so he threw the fight to Crixus, choosing to leave behind the torture of loving his best friend's girlfriend. How, uh, romantic. In the end, two people died, but not in the gladiator's arena. Lucretia had been poisoning Titus' honeyed wine all along (as if we didn't see that coming), so he's no longer an obstacle, but poor Melitta also drank some of the wine when she bid "farewell" to Gannicus.

Spartacus recasting: Who should play slave Naevia?

No orgies this week, but there were still enough "Ew!" moments:

The Blood - Body count: 2. Melitta and Titus' parallel hemorrhaging deaths by tainted wine were tragic, but gross as well. There's only so much blood (or none at all) we can take spewing from mouths in the bedroom. Zooming in on Dagan's eye getting slashed was pretty brutal also, but the worst scene was Melitta's foreshadowing nightmare in which Gannicus is impaled through the back of his neck while he's doing the deed with her. Seeing the point of Oenomaus' sword emerge from Gannicus' throat while the blood spilled on Melitta was enough to prompt any Freudian case study.

The Bodies - Trysts: 3. Melitta's aforementioned dream and later her real-life encounter with Gannicus were clear enough: Cheating = bad. After snide remarks from Batiatus about not providing an heir, is it any wonder that Lucretia turned to Crixus for stud services? This is her first foray into slumming it with a slave though, so the mechanical mounting is anything but lustful or romantic.

Spartacus, Episode 4: Things that made us go "Ew!"

The stage is set. We're expecting a bloodbath for next week's finale.

What scene disturbed you the most?