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In Southland's deft mix of intriguing characters, Michael Cudlitz's complex cop, John Cooper, is a standout. The veteran character actor shares some secrets from the TNT police drama as well as his own life.

TV Guide Magazine: John Cooper certainly has a lot going on. He's training a young cop, he's quietly gay, and he's addicted to pain-killers due to a back injury. What's next for him?
He's less and less reliable physically as the season goes on. But he still thinks he has the situation in control.

TV Guide Magazine: What is he dealing with this week?
He comes across a teen who's been abandoned by his family. He connects with him because of what happened to John as a kid. He is also forced to do something related to that past.

TV Guide Magazine: Will John and his trainee, Ben Sherman (Ben McKenzie), have to break up when Ben's training period ends this season?
In real police departments, they usually separate, but it's a fantastic partnership, so let's hope they stay together.

TV Guide Magazine: Will John's sexuality enter into the story lines?
He has a lot of problems; being gay is not one of them. We will see him in relationships, living his life as a gay man.

TV Guide Magazine: In real life, you have 13-year-old twin boys. Do they want to be actors or cops?
[Laughs] They're more interested in all things computer. Designing games and writing codes.

TV Guide Magazine: Is it true you used to be a set carpenter?
Yes. I'm still in the union! I was the construction coordinator on the original Beverly Hills, 90210 [before I got my role on it]. I stopped doing carpentry full-time only after I got Band of Brothers.

Southland airs Tuesday at 10/9c on TNT.


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