Can Kathryn and Thomas reconcile? It might not be as impossible as you previously thought...

In this exclusive sneak peek of Southern Charm, Thomas receives a letter from Kathryn in which the mother-of-two owns up and apologizes for all the harm she's caused their family. Nearly one year since the former couple was last seen each other, Kathryn writes that she's "truly regretful of the way things ended with us, leaving our children with only their father or their mother, and never both together. For that, I am truly and sincerely sorry to them, but also to you."

Meanwhile, Kathryn admits to Chelsea that she still misses Thomas — specifically she misses the feeling she got when she was able to make him feel loved. "He has a hard time accepting love from people because at the heart of it, he doesn't feel worthy," Kathryn reveals, before explaining the root cause of Thomas' insecurity: his father.

Southern Charm is low-key the best show on Bravo

"If I were to see him, I would just want to give him a big hug and say that I'm sorry and that I love him," she adds.

Could Thomas and Kathryn be on the road to reconciliation? We'd never put anything past these two, but for now, we at least hope they can learn to co-parent together even if they aren't romantically together.

Southern Charm airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.