If HBO's mob opera The Sopranos had been called something else, Jamie-Lynn Sigler — who plays headstrong mafia princess Meadow — might have never auditioned for the role. Luckily, the multifaceted singer-actress-dancer misinterpreted the show's tuneful title!

"I thought it was going to be a show about music and musicals!" she tells TV Guide Online, giggling. Sigler's not-so-secret passion for singing caught the eye — or should we say, ear — of Sopranos producers, who decided to let Sigler croon on the show. Sigler's record label, A&#038R, was listening. "They heard me sing in one episode, and that's how I got my record deal," she explains. "So it all turned out great in the end."

Her melodic voice currently can be heard on Sigler's debut album, Here to Heaven. Not only did she belt out the compilation of funky dance tunes and heartfelt ballads, she actually composed a few singles. "I never thought about writing songs because I had never tried it before," she admits. Having been creatively inspired by A&#038R's producers — who basically locked her in a room and told her to write something — Sigler gave it a go. Now, she can't put the pen down. "When I get home from my day or I can't sleep at night or I'm on a plane, I'm always writing," she reveals. "With the kind of emotions I'm feeling now, I'm always trying to put it in the form of a song."

That probably includes her feelings on making her first feature, Extreme Dating, co-starring Devon Sawa and Andrew Keegan. "It's a romantic comedy," Sigler previews, "about twentysomethings setting each other up on extreme dates." Though busy with her film and The Sopranos's shooting schedule — which will continue through June — Sigler's determined to take Heaven out on the road. "Things are really busy for me now," she says, "but I'm going to tour, mostly in Europe."