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Sons of Anarchy Postmortem: The Show's Latest Victim Speaks Out

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of Sons of Anarchy. Read at your own risk.]On Sons of Anarchy, you expect a high body count. And because it's the show's final season, we always feared that some of the core club members might not ride their motorcycles off into the sunset.On Tuesday's episode, that fear became a sad reality....

Adam Bryant

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from Tuesday's episode of Sons of Anarchy. Read at your own risk.]
On Sons of Anarchy, you expect a high body count. And because it's the show's final season, we always feared that some of the core club members might not ride their motorcycles off into the sunset.
On Tuesday's episode, that fear became a sad reality.
After two episodes of being tortured, Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) lost more than just his eye and his fingers. Although Jax (Charlie Hunnam) was able to set up a meeting with August Marks (Billy Brown) to quash their recent beef over Jax's attacks on Lin (Kenneth Choi) and the Chinese, Marks had different plans. Instead of handing Bobby back over to Jax, he pulled a gun and shot Bobby in the head right before Jax's eyes — a punishment for Jax's betrayal.

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TVGuide.com chatted with Boone about his final days of shooting and why he felt Bobby had "unfinished business." Plus: Will Bobby's death make Jax see the error of his vengeance-seeking ways or push him to even greater bloodshed?Did you know in advance that Bobby wouldn't make it to the end of the series?
Mark Boone Junior: I found out right before it happened. I found out probably in August and, you know, then I died.Once Bobby was captured by August Marks' men, did you think Bobby's death was a forgone conclusion or did you hope he'd find a way out of that mess?
Boone: Well, it looked to the very last moment like maybe that would happen. So, yeah, I looked at it like, Bobby is missing an eye. OK, well a lot of people live without one eye — a lot of people live without two eyes — and certainly a lot of people live without all of their fingers. I had. So I was kind of hoping the whole thing would work out. I mean, with what he went through, it would have been a different life, that's for sure. But I think Bobby would have been perfectly happy to have lived even under those circumstances.How difficult was it filming those final scenes with club members mourning Bobby?
Pretty brutal. I think the scene over the blood in the sand between Jax and Chibs [Tommy Flanagan] is indicative. And I think watching Happy [David LaBrava] sobbing hysterically in the back of the van over Bobby — there wasn't much acting required during those things. We're pretty close. For me, it's very difficult not to breathe when you play dead with people doing scenes over the top of you. It really wasn't that easy to play dead, but when any of the longtime [cast] members leave the show, it's just a very, very somber and sad time because of how much we care for each other.

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But at least we got to see Bobby singing "It's Only Make Believe" in the car before he was kidnapped! Were you glad to give a nod to those happier days from the first season when Bobby was an Elvis impersonator?
Boone: Yeah, I was very happy. I hope I was up to the task there. I'm singing the Conway Twitty song. I don't know if Elvis ever did that song, but I love that song, and I think it's very fitting for that moment. I was very, very happy to be able to do something a little lighthearted.
Are you pleased with how Bobby went out, as a soldier for his club? 
 I think Bobby definitely stayed true to himself. There's no question that he didn't break under very difficult circumstances. If anyone were not to break in that situation, it would be Bobby. He [aways] upheld the law of that club more than anyone.
Right, Bobby was always sort of the conscience of the club. Given that, do you think he might have regretted enabling and going along with Jax's revenge mission, which ultimately led to his death?
 Well, I'm kind of torn between being Boone and Bobby. Because, yes, as Boone, I would have thought that Bobby would have questioned this set of actions. But I don't think Bobby would have questioned it. He knew Gemma very well, and [Tara's death] was such a horrible death even Bobby couldn't imagine Gemma doing that. If there was some way to rationalize why Bobby was all in on this, that would be a way that you could do that.
Do you think Bobby's death will make Jax re-evaluate what's he doing? Or will it just push Jax to seek more blood?
Boone: The last couple of seasons, I think Jax really has taken his own course. He really grew up quite a bit in the last two seasons. Bobby seemed to be more of a sounding board rather than his mentor or adviser. But there seemed to be a very serious effect that Bobby's death had on Jax. A really profound silence came over him and a resolve. Not an angry, twisted one, but some kind of cemented resolve. That's what it looked like.

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So, are you satisfied with how Bobby's story ended?
Boone: I definitely felt like Bobby had unfinished business. Bobby was not done. I would say he left very unhappy. I just think he wasn't done. If you look at the scene right before they break his jaw, he's still got a lot of life left in him. It definitely made me sad.
Did you get back to set when they wrapped up the show?
Boone: They wouldn't let me. They said, 'Don't come, we don't want you on set.' I'm kidding. They didn't say that. No, we all commiserated over the passing of the series.
Will it be hard to walk away from this and this character that has been such a big part of your life these past seven years?
Boone: Truthfully, it's not that hard. The way that our schedule was on this show, it was very hard to get other things together because we would get off ight before Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's. And so we would lose pretty much the whole year. As sad as it may be to not do this job... seven years is a long, long time in the life of an actor to play one part.

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Do you think the fans will be satisfied with where the Sons of Anarchy story ends?
Boone: I hope so. I haven't been there for the last four episodes to see what went down, but there's a lot of stuff that can happen, to say the least. But I suspect that every true fan that I've talked to is not going to be happy. None of them are happy that this show is actually coming to an end. They're very unhappy. I see enough fans every time I go out of my house to know that they're not going to be happy that the show's over.
Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX. What did you think of Bobby's death?