ABC's Somewhere Between is halfway through its time-traveling story about kidnapping, betrayal, and the fate of the universe, and TV Guide has an exclusive look at this week's episode.

Laura (Paula Patton) and Nico (Devon Sawa) are continuing their efforts to prevent the death of Laura's daughter Serena (Aria Birch), this time ending up somewhere in the woods and apparently sleeping in some underground bunker. But that's a piece of cake compared to what's being asked of Laura next: a visit to her mother!

"Fate can destroy my marriage, fate can make me sleep in a stinking hole in the ground, ruin my shoes and make me drag my daughter halfway across the state," Laura says. "But my mother's in Fremont Grove and fate can not make me visit my mother!"

Whoa, Laura! Why so mad at mum?

A new episode of Somewhere Between airs Tuesday at 10/9c on ABC.