General Hospital General Hospital

Finally! Soaps fans have a reason to celebrate!

When ABC decided to renew its sole remaining daytime drama General Hospital and cancel The Revolution, it quickly became the most buzzed-about show in our Social Power Rankings. On Facebook, you guys threw a virtual love-in: 520 "likes" and 135 comments! user Camille Gnolfo called it "a small victory for all soap fans across the world," and on Facebook, Julie Ann Cordero wrote, "At last! The people have spoken!"

ABC renews General Hospital, cancels The Revolution

But will anyone miss The Revolution? Apparently not. Facebook user Annitta Joan Kelly Anderson says it's "the most boring show I have ever watched." Ouch! Silvia Aguirre Lawless agrees. "The Revolution is truly an annoying show. I can't even stand to have it on in the background while doing housework," she wrote on Facebook. Not even good enough to be a background show? Low blow!What do you think? Was renewing General Hospital and canceling The Revolution the right move for ABC?Here's what else has you talking this week: American Idol's bottom-three shocker! Was it staged?Check back anytime to see the latest Social Power Rankings, which are updated in real time throughout the week.