Snoop goes retro for his latest music video. Snoop goes retro for his latest music video.
Snoop's Music Video Premiere The D.O. Double G is back with a hot new music video, "Sensual Seduction," but we can assure you that you've never seen him like this before. In his ode to pimps past, the Doggfather suits up in what is quite possibly the most absurdly retro video of all time. We're talkin' the whole nine here - sequins, disco balls, even Snoop rockin' full-on chops. Classic. Watch it now!

A Twister Hits Wisteria Lane! Watch out, ladies, there's a tornado a-brewin' and it's headed straight for Wisteria Lane. Looks like everyone's going to have to put all those secrets and catfights on hold and take cover. ABC is calling this the "best Desperate Housewives episode ever." That's a bold statement - now let's see if they can back it up this Sunday! Watch it now! Sci Fi's Tin Man Goes Way Beyond the Rainbow Brace yourselves for what looks like a seriously insane journey through the Outer Zone (O.Z.). Based on the L. Frank Baum epic tale, Tin Man gives you all the goodness of the classic but with a dark and twisted makeover. All we have to say is that Dorothy (that's DG for short, these days) is a motorcycle-riding waitress. What a badass! Watch it now! Somebody's Getting Married - Or Not? The Brothers & Sisters big day has finally come where Kitty and Senator McCallister are about to tie the knot. And wouldn't you just know it, these two crazy kids decided to write their own vows - problem is, it seems as though only one of them is willing to actually recite them! When it comes to Kitty's turn to profess her undying love, the only thing she can come up with for him is, "I need to talk to you - alone." Watch it now! Brotherhood's Season 2 Comes to an End Things are really heating up for the brotherly duo on Brotherhood. While Tommy is trying to deal with work issues in the political world, his bro Michael has bigger fish to fry considering there's a hit out on him! And look out, 'cause Eileen is finally putting her foot down once and for all. Watch it now! For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!