Snoop Dogg "Oh Sookie" Snoop Dogg "Oh Sookie"

Snoop Dogg has spoken about his love for HBO's hit vampire series True Blood in the past, but now the rapper has made a True Blood music video for a song he wrote titled "Oh Sookie." And it's hilarious.

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The video starts out with the show's theme song playing as an old school Caddy pulls up with California plates that read "Tru Pimp." As the music video begins — which features actual footage from the show, as well as Sookie-lookalike back-up dancers in blonde wigs — Snoop raps his smooth playa lines as he tries to sweep Sookie off her feet. And the  refrain that goes a little something like this: "Oh Sookie, we can lay in the bed/Oh Sookie, choose a player like me/Do it in the daytime with the D-O-double-G."

Snoop even tries to court our favorite Bon Temps waitress by offering to order her a "gin and juice at Merlotte's" and assuring her that her vampire boyfriend will never be the wiser of their tryst because they can "do it in the daytime/Bill won't know a thing." And clearly the rapper isn't worried about Sam getting in the way either. Why? "Sam ain't a man/he done turned into a bi---." Get it? Get it?

Watch the video: