Snoop Dogg is ready for another Empire close-up!

The rap and hip-hop superstar, who appeared in the season finale of Fox's hit show as himself (because who else would Snoop Dogg play?), told Entertainment Tonighthe's not done.

"If you was really payin' attention, I'm about the only one that was down with Lucious [Lyon] when they locked him up," Snoop said. "And I just signed with Empire Records, so I'm pretty sure I'll be making a return."

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In the finale, he premiered his new song, "Peaches n Cream," off his real-life upcoming record BUSH. (Not to be confused with 2001's "Peaches & Cream" by the group 211.)

No official casting announcements have been made by Fox for Season 2, though creator Lee Daniels says Oprah will be there.

Plus: The cast and creator also gave the scoop on next season.

Are you glad Snoop is returning? Who else would you like to see guest-star?

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