Taran Killam, Michael Keaton and Bobby Moynihan Taran Killam, Michael Keaton and Bobby Moynihan

Saturday Night Livewent for bizarre humor this weekend, with Michael Keaton at the helm. The sketches included an uncomfortably funny (and long) bit about a high school student taking his teacher to prom, and a musical homage to Batman and Beetlejuice in Keaton's opening monologue.

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Elsewhere in the episode, the show hopped on the Scientology-bashing bandwagon, and also brilliantly skewered CNN's news coverage.

Check out highlights below:

Michael Keaton monologue: Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan crash Keaton's opening monologue to try and convince him to play Batman and Beetlejuice with them.

CNN Newsroom: CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin (Cecily Strong) covers current events including the Germanwings plane crash and Indiana's religious freedom law, with the help of visual aids including a dance troupe.

Prom queen: Isn't pedophilia hilarious? The episode's most uncomfortable (and not very funny) sketch features a popular high school student (Mike O'Brien) taking his teacher to prom.

Neurotology music video: This perfect parody of Scientology features members of "Neurotology" singing the religion's praises (literally).

Weekend Update: The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus stops by "Weekend Update," in which Resident Young Person Pete Davidson discusses the season finale of The Walking Dead.