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SNL Ran a Rerun and Twitter Lost It


Amanda Bell

This week was a bye week for Saturday Night Live, which, instead of airing new material from an array of current events options -- Donald Trump's, erm, unique 72-minute press conference last week, mouthpiece Stephen Miller's hair-raising interviews and background details, or the capitalization of Hillary Clinton's buzzy dinner date with the actress who portrays her (and almost everyone else) in the show, Kate McKinnon -- played the first post-election show, hosted by Dave Chappelle with A Tribe Called Quest as the musical guests.

For those SNL fans who haven't quite committed the show's programming schedule to memory or, ya know, consulted their TV Guide (wink!), the fact that this week's show was a rerun was a major bummer.

Of course, there were some that thought it was honestly just fine because how could any parody be as ridiculous as the real thing anyway?

But for the most part, people saw it as a major missed opportunity-slash-the unfulfillment of their predictions for this week's Saturday night satirization session.

For some, the choice to re-run the first post-election episode was as timely as ever but also a little too cruel for school, especially with Kate McKinnon's heartbreaking "Hallelujah" rendition in the lead.

Annnnd there were also the suggestions. Everyone's got a hot take on where this show should go now, guys.

Clearly, Saturday Night Live has become a critical source of cultural reprieve for those who are looking for some levity about the current political climate, as the recent ratings rise indicates, and while the show won't return with a new episode until March 4th, with Hidden Figures star Octavia Spencer scheduled to host, there's a good chance the administration will continue to give the writers plenty of material to work with in the meantime.