Martin Freeman Martin Freeman

Sherlock star Martin Freeman took over hosting duties at Saturday Night Live this week, but was not featured in many of the episode's stronger moments.

"Weekend Update" was especially on point for the last SNL of 2014, which saw the return of Vanessa Bayer's Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, as well as the introduction of a new character from Cecily Strong: "One-Dimensional Female Character From a Male-Driven Comedy."

What were the best performances of 2014?

Among the misfires was Taran Killam channeling his inner Todd Chrisley for his and Strong's morning show parody "Right Side of the Bed," and Freeman's opening monologue, a one-joke routine essentially about how British people are funny.

Check out some highlights below:

The Office: Middle Earth: Who would have guessed? Bilbo Baggins now works at a paper company and drives a Volkswagen Jetta.

Church: It's that time of year again — time to join your parents at Christmas Mass. Here's a refresher on the typical cast of characters you'll see.

Weekend Update: One-Dimensional Female Character From a Male-Driven Comedy: Cecily Strong steps by the "Weekend Update" desk as Heather, from work. You probably haven't noticed her ... but you will once she takes off her glasses.

Weekend Update: Sasheer Zamata: Proving once again that a more diverse SNL cast leads to funnier SNL episodes, Sasheer Zamata laments the lack of black emojis.

Weekend Update: Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy: With Hanukkah just around the corner, Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy stops by "Weekend Update" to talk about the holiday with his new friend, Michael Che.