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Lindsay Lohan tapped into her Disney roots to host Saturday Night Live for the third time. In The Real Housewives of Disney, Lohan played Rapunzel, who's ready to come down from the tower and into the spotlight. Like all the other Real Housewives, there was a fair share of money troubles (Jasmine and her hubby used up all their wishes), marital problems ("never marry a man who likes shoes," Cinderella warns, as we meet her effete Prince Charming) and a horrible Auto-Tuned dance track, courtesy of Belle:

In her monologue, Lindsay Lohan thanked the cast and crew at SNL for trusting her enough to let her return, only to have her eyes checked by Kenan Thompson and to get patted down by Kristen Wiig. Alum Jimmy Fallon, however, was slightly more reassuring. "You can do this, and if for any reason you can't, Jon Hamm is on standby as back-up host." Hamm was seated in the front row:

Lindsay Lohan: I'm in the process of proving myself

Lohan made fun of her troubled past, particularly her time in the slammer, to discourage a group of young delinquents from breaking the law and ending up behind bars. Too bad she didn't quite have her lines memorized:

Hamm, or should we say "Johnnnnyyy," stopped by Weekend Update to play the purported father of Snooki's rumored bundle of joy. When asked if she ever thought about being a mom, Snooki replied: "Honestly, Seth, never once in my life did I once think.":

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