Josh Brolin Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time and enjoyed his chance to get "career ending-ly stupid." Although Brolin couldn't show a clip from his new film, Men in Black 3, he and Jay Pharoah (impersonating Will Smith) were able to act out a scene from the movie. What a cliffhanger!

Brolin played a surfer dude doctor in the new SoapNet series The Californians, about a group of lying, cheating and sick people who seem to, like, really obsess over driving directions:

Steven Spielberg paid a surprise visit to direct the latest installment of "Laser Cats," about a plush version of E.T. that can turn laser cats into real cats and just wants peace. Spielberg also makes a very, uh, revealing Hitchcock-ian cameo:

What was your favorite sketch?