In case anyone had any doubt what Jason Segel was promoting on Saturday Night Live, the How I Met Your Mother star wasted no time in bringing out his colorful co-stars from The Muppets movie. During his monologue, Segel decided to sing about how he couldn't believe he's hosting SNL, when Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang hijacked his song and assumed that they were all hosting the show together as a group. (I mean, hello, the Muppets knew executive producer Lorne Michaels when he still said "aboot"):

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Segel's I Love You, Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star Paul Rudd also stopped by the show to play Segel's brother in the most recent sketch about the oddly affectionate Vogelchecks:

Olivia Wilde's cameo was much easier to miss in a '80s-inspired digital short about the secrets of seducing women through chess, checkers, jenga, eating glass and hiring a prostitute:

SNL took the opportunity to kick-start the search for Regis Philbin's replacement on Live!. Potential replacements included Ricky Gervais (Jason Sudeikis), the "adorkable" Zooey Deschanel (Abby Elliot) and — the man behind the Nasonex bee voice — Antonio Banderas (Segel):