Cecily Strong, Seth Meyers Cecily Strong, Seth Meyers

It looks like new featured player Cecily Strong is quickly becoming Saturday Night Live's go-to ditzy girl.

On this week's installment of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday, Strong debuted what will hopefully become a recurring character: "Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party."

Sitting alongside Seth Meyers at the Weekend Update desk, Strong's character rambled on for three minutes about... well, nothing, really.

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"So, what is your take on the world of politics?" Meyers asks her.

"OK, you know, like, what's happening right now is a disgrace. It's awful. It's unconscionable," she starts out saying, in Valley Girl speak, natch.

And it's downhill from there (see: Strong's character repeatedly asking Meyers if she can "use the N-word real quick.")

Watch the hilarious clip below: