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Who Did the Best Hillary Clinton Impression on SNL? Vote Now!

Watch the best Clinton sketches and weigh in

Liz Raftery

As its 40th season dies down, Saturday Night Live is gearing up for its version of the Olympics: election season! When the show returns this fall, there's no doubt we'll be seeing plenty of sketches starring Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton.

But McKinnon succeeds a long line of hilarious women who have portrayed the former First Lady on SNL for going on three decades - including Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer and Jan Hooks. Here, we take a look back at some of the most memorable sketches, as well as a special appearance by HRC herself.

The best SNL cast members of all time, ranked

Who was your favorite SNL Hillary? Check out the clips below and vote in our poll!

Jan Hooks: Hooks, who died last year, was the first person to portray Hillary Clinton on SNL - and she wasn't even a cast member when she did so. Hooks left the show in 1991 but made several guest appearances as Hillary over the subsequent years, alongside her frequent scene partner Phil Hartman as Bill.

Janeane Garofalo: In 1994, the Hillary torch was passed from Hooks to Garofalo, who offered a subdued (and not very memorable take) of the long-suffering First Lady. Michael McKean was her Bill.

Ana Gasteyer: Gasteyer played Hillary during the Monica Lewinsky scandal (which Gasteyer later described as the "bummer" years before Clinton broke out as a politician in her own right). As a result, she's mostly shrill and exasperated opposite Darrell Hammond as Bill.

Amy Poehler: Perhaps the most revered impersonation of Hillary Clinton (and the longest-running) comes courtesy of Amy Poehler, who truly broke out as the former First Lady during her failed presidential campaign in 2008. Though Clinton herself may have lost in the primary, the impact Poehler and Tina Fey (as Sarah Palin) had on Barack Obama's eventual victory can't be overstated.

Hillary Clinton: It was also during Poehler's time in (fake) office that Clinton herself dropped by Saturday Night Live, and came face-to-face with her doppelganger. (In her memoir Yes Please, Poehler says that she played Clinton as "a highly focused and slightly angry woman who was tired of being the smartest person in the room.")

Vanessa Bayer: Bayer only played Clinton a handful of times before McKinnon took over the role, but one of her more memorable appearances was opposite Sasheer Zamata, in one of her first outings as First Lady Michelle Obama.

Kate McKinnon: The Clinton crown currently rests on McKinnon's head, and presumably will stay there at least through November 2016. Fortunately, McKinnon is a worthy successor to Poehler, going even more broad as she conveys Clinton's stop-at-nothing determination to be the country's first female president.

Which SNL cast member is your favorite Hillary Clinton impersonator? Vote in our poll!