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Another week of Saturday Night Live, another host wasted with mediocre skits. Easy A star Emma Stone popped in and out of skits so briefly it seemed like she wasn't even hosting the show.

As for the skits she did appear in:

The 21-year-old Superbad star opened SNL with a monologue that was interrupted by nerds who are fans of her films, including Zombieland and Easy A. The punch line: Each guy just wants to make out with her. A faux Jonah Hill and Michael Cera had to intervene.

Check out the monologue:

In her first skit, she played the recipient of a $2 million home makeover who isn't really that excited about it at all. Kristen Wiig played a version of her "surprise party" character who is trying desperately to elicit any reaction out of her while the cameras roll. Surprisingly, Stone looked like a red-haired Lindsay Lohan.

Check out "Dream Home Extreme":

So it came as no surprise that SNL would take advantage of Stone's resemblance to Lohan for a skit featuring the 24-year-old rehab-bound starlet making an appearance on The View. It had potential, but it seemed like it ended before it even got going. When was the last time you complained about an SNL skit being too short?

Check out "The View":

Finally, new cast member Paul Brittain played "Sex" Ed Vincent, an instructor who uses fruit, among other wildly inappropriate props, to teach people about sex. Check out a semi-NSFW clip (Warning! Hot banana-on-cantaloupe action!).

What did you think of Emma Stone on SNL? Any verdict yet on the new cast members? What was your favorite skit? We thought John Mulaney's "I Love It" segment on Weekend Update was pretty great.