Fred Armisen, Christoph Waltz Fred Armisen, Christoph Waltz

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz showed Germans Austrians do have a sense of a humor when he hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. In his opening monologue, the Django Unchained star noted that he was the first German-speaking host of SNL ever and highlighted a few failed bits from his homeland, including casual Hitler. The actor capped off the monologue by showing off his impressive vocals with a lovely Austrian song that loosely translated to "Smile, Damn You, Smile":

Since Waltz is best known for his roles in Quentin Tarantino's last two films, SNL unveiled the first trailer for the actor and director's third collaboration, Djesus Uncrossed. Described as the ultimate historical revenge fantasy, the trailer showed Jesus was back, armed with machine guns and "preaching anything but forgiveness":

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Waltz got in touch with the holy spirit a second time to play Pope Benedict XVI, who shocked the Catholic Church when he announced his retirement earlier this week. Thankfully, the Pope has Papal Securities to help him ease into retirement — just like it did the last time a Pope retired in 1415:

In a slightly more modern sketch, Waltz played the host of everyone's favorite (read: loathed) new game show, What Have You Become? And yes, unfortunately the game is just as morose as it sounds:

What was your favorite sketch? Do you think Waltz did a good job?