Christina Applegate Christina Applegate

Nineteen years after last hosting Saturday Night Live (when she was 10), Christina Applegate took command of Stage 8H to sing a song about her love of the mid-October, pre-holiday season with special guests, The Frumpetts and "Dane Cook" (Jason Sudeikis):

Applegate also showed off her dance moves as Fosse-obsessed dance teacher with her own language (aka ka-cunks and za-zous instead of a normal count). Oh, and did we mention her one night with Tommy Tune?

Applegate replaced Kristen Wiig as Fred Armisen's new love in the reprisal of the directions-obsessed "The Californians." Like any good soap, all of her dirty secrets, including her shopping addiction and her comatose first husband, came out of the woodwork just in time to (almost) ruin their wedding:

Sudeikis and Taran Killam went head-to-head as Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Paul "Shark Eyes" Ryan in the show's cold open, which recreated Thursday night's debate. Although there was talk about the budget and jobs, it really came down to "gym strong" (Ryan) vs. "old-man/monkey strong" (Biden). The debate got a little star power from Ryan's running partner, Olympic gold medalist and special guest Usain Bolt:

What was your favorite skit of the night?