Bruno Mars Bruno Mars

Nobody forgets their first time, and that sentiment wasn't lost on singer Bruno Mars, who hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time after performing on the show two years ago. In his musically inclined monologue, Mars first crooned about his nerves and wondered whether he had bitten off more than he could chew and if he could be like fan favorite double threat Justin Timberlake. However, Mars got a sudden burst of confidence — at the expense of Kenan Thompson. But, seriously folks, please be gentle:

Mars dived in head first and cross-dressed as a 17-year-old unemployed dropout named Crystal who goes on a talk show called "Haters" to deal with her issues with her mother. "You're just jealous because I'm young and I got a debit card and I know where to party at":

In one of SNL's first digital shorts since the departure of Andy Samberg, Mars played a recently dumped man who takes a job dressing up as a patriotic mouse and walking around Times Square at the height of his depression. Fortunately, the gig brings him solace in an unexpected place:

During the show's cold opening — a mock of last Tuesday's aggressive presidential debate — Tom Hanks attempted to blow the minds of the President and Gov. Mitt Romney when he played an undecided voter who doesn't know how to handle the microphone and who got to ask the last question of the night: "Libya":

One of the most spot-on impressions of the night was Taran Killam's take on Brad Pitt's head-scratching new Chanel No. 5 commercials. "Is there really no script?" Pitt asked. "You want me to sound less coherent?":

What was your favorite sketch of the night?