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Snatch: The Cast Discusses the Craziest Days on Set

Turns out firing guns at your friends is kind of weird

Tim Surette

If Crackle's upcoming series Snatch is anything like the Guy Ritchie film it's based on, it's going to be plenty crazy.

So does that crazy carry over to filming on set? TVGuide.com asked Snatch cast members Rupert Grint, Luke Pasqualino and Ed Westwick -- who were in Pasadena, Calif. at the Television Critics Association winter previews to promote the show -- to share stories of the craziest days on set while filming the crime caper, and it didn't take long for talk to get to strip clubs and guns.

"There's a strip scene in Episode 2," Pasqualino told us. "The characters made that really quite odd. Realism isn't one of the key points we felt we needed to hit when we were making the set." And by characters, we're guessing he meant some of the Hasidic Jews seen in the clip who were doing shots out of strippers' butts.

Snatch is the only show with Ed Westwick firing a machine gun in a Virgin Mary-print bathrobe

For Grint and Westwick, the craziness came in one of the already well-known scenes from the trailer that was released. In it, Gossip Girl heartthrob Westwick carries an automatic weapon and shoots it at an escaping vehicle (and pretty much everything else in sight) all while wearing a kimono adorned with images of the Virgin Mary.

"It was quite strange firing an M-16 at a bunch of people that you really quite like," Westwick says in his thick accent. When asked about the kimono, Westwick quips, "Well, how else are you going to do it, you know?"

Snatch premieres March 16 on Crackle.