Will Smith's voice sounded hoarse at the recent press junket for Men In Black II. No, it wasn't from doing his Muhammad Ali schtick too many times. He was still recovering from performing MIB's title track "Black Suits Comin'" last Friday morning, as part of Today's summer concert series.

"Outside performances are always tough," he tells TV Guide Online. "You always end up pushing too much to make sure you're projected." The rapper faced a worse problem than that as his live concert kicked off. "The dancers couldn't get to the stage for the first song," he reveals. "And, like, the security at the place stopped the dancers from making their entrance and I had to perform the whole first [song] without dancers."

Smith confesses the Today incident brought out his "dark side," but "it's live TV, it's gone, it's over. So I can spend the time just trying to divorce myself from it..." He also says the security guard didn't lose his job, but admits he fantasized about doling out some Ali-style disciplinary action. "I'm sure his wounds will heal," he jokes. "If the sutures hold, he'll be okay."

Meanwhile, an unnamed Today show source says a "logistical problem" prevented the dancers from taking the stage, not an obstinate security guard. Today spokeswoman Allison Gollust avoided assigning blame: "Unfortunately, the dancers didn't make it to the stage, but Will is such a great performer that he didn't miss a beat. I'm sure the viewers at home couldn't even tell that something was missing."