Woohoo let the repeats begin! At least this one has a not-so-sweet-and-sappy Clark Kent and a Professor Fiiiine sighting. I always dig it when some sorta kryptonite that's not green causes Clark to go bad. In this case, some silvery badness (or goodness to me) makes him all kinds of delusional. Seriously. I pine for these meteor-rock meltdowns something fierce. When Clark's under the influence, that's when we get to see him turn into Supermenace to Society. Plus, there was more than enough

James Marsters to make this Buffy/Angel geek happy. After the professor saved his pupil and let it be known that he knows that Clark's Kal-El, I loved it when Fiiiine said to SuperFine, "We're in this together." A sentiment, I might add, that proved not to be true. Can I ask why the writers always deem it necessary for Chloe to talk about her once (and probably present) crush on her best pal? After CrazyClark put Lana in the hospital, Chloe said something about being glad, for once, that she's not the object of his affection. Whatever.