In the WB universe, this two-hour

Smallville qualifies as a movie event. In my little world, they're repeats. Specifically, they are last season's finale and this year's season premiere. Nice try, WB.

Jane Seymour tries to kick some Lana Lang butt, that is until Possessed Lana takes charge and stabs Jason Teague's mama with one of those precious stones everyone went all insane over. Speaking of Mr. Teague, it was sad to see him go out the way he did, looking all bloody and stupid in the Kent house. My favorite scene is still the Clark-and-Chloe confab in the hospital at the North Pole: "To me, you're more than a hero. You're a superhero." Yes, I got all warm and fuzzy after she said this, making me the biggest sap on the planet. I'm well aware of this fact.

I still think that Clark defeated the followers of Zod way too easily. Those two idiots don't know a thing about follow-through. They had Clark on the ropes. He was about to slip away into that other dimension or whatever it was; then they turned their backs to walk away. Clark had no problem getting the upper hand. Fools. You know, seeing the beginnings of the Fortress of Solitude, hearing Terence Stamp's voice and witnessing James Marsters transform from liquid to solid all over again, was a one-two-three punch of Smallville goodness.