Paranoid much, Clark? I loved this episode. We got delusional Clark. Clark on acid, or in this case, silver kryptonite. Plus, we got lots of our favorite teach, Professor Fiiiine. So when the professor was schooling us on the powerful men who were betrayed by their best friends, you just knew we were in for a doozy of an episode. And thanks to the silvery meteor rock, Clark saw his best friend, Chloe, betray him. His dad betray him. And even his girlfriend Lana betray him. Like kissing-Lex-Luthor betray him. All these paranoid delusions resulted in one seriously ticked off, and might I add, sweaty-faced Clark. The boy just up and flung, choked and generally caused mayhem and destruction wherever those betrayals led him. (OK, I'm being a bit melodramatic but not really.) By the way, I have to admit that when Clark was going after Lana all psycho-crazy, it kinda reminded me of one of my favorite episodes of

Angel in a very, very good way. It was the one where woman-hating Billy's blood got into Wesley's system, causing the normally docile man to go all redrum on Fred (Best. Episode. Ever.). Anyway, you know the end where Professor Fiiiine used some of his Brainiac mojo to put the smack-down on Clark and rid the silver toxin from his system? That was awesome. And when he called Clark Kal-El? That was awesome, too.