Cynthia Nixon, <EM>ER</EM> Cynthia Nixon, ER
Smallville Oh no, please don't shoot Clark. We can't lose him. Whatever would we do without him? However would we go on? OK, I kid, but sometimes you just have to with repeats. Clark got his powers back, but not without a doozy of a prophesy: Someone close to him is gonna die retribution for becoming SuperClark again. The WB is getting a lot of mileage out of this plot point have you seen the promos? While we're on the subject of network promos,

Living with Fran is returning. Yes, this is a guilty pleasure of mine, I admit it. Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that

Beauty and the Geek is about to come back. Maybe it's because they tell us the show's coming back every 15.4 seconds during any given commercial break. So did you catch The O.C.'s Bizarro Seth (Johnny Lewis) playing the techie that threatened to blow up Smallville? And even better, did you catch the part when Clark was in the hospital? The sheets were conveniently not covering his chest area. But you know what? I didn't mind. And I knew Kristin Kreuk was tiny, but when Tom Welling picked her up after Lana realized Clark was alive, I swear he was going to put her in his shirt pocket for safekeeping.