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Jimmy Olson's death shattered everyone on Smallville last season. This year, fans will be lamenting more losses. caught up with executive producer Kelly Souders, who revealed that more people bite the dust in Season 9.

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"You will see more people than you can imagine die in the first 12 [episodes]. Luckily it's Smallville, so not all of them stick," Souders said. The showrunner would only give three hints:

  • Is this in the present or the future? "A little bit of both."
  • Might this be one of Lois' visions? "There might be a few people who pass away in her visions, too."
  • Are any of the main characters the victims? "You can't make me ruin that. I promise you all the people you love to watch, you will still be loving to watch in episode 18, 19, 20, 21."

Now that you're clued in on all the bloodshed, who do you think is going to die and who do you think will get a reprieve?