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Smallville is about to get magical. The DC Comics digital series based on the long-running TV show takes a supernatural sidetrack in a new storyline featuring Zatanna and John Constantine.

The magically powered Zatanna, best known for casting spells spoken backwards, returns to the world of Clark Kent and Co. in "Harbinger," a story beginning Friday that runs parallel to the comic's main narrative. Introduced in Season 8 of the TV show (played by Serinda Swan), Zatanna is now in London. "She's taken her show on the road, using her tour as a cover to run down and deal with all the messes/enchanted/cursed everythings her father left behind when he died," says Bryan Q. Miller, who writes the comic book extension of the TV series. "By the time we catch up with her in 'Harbinger,' she's closing in on the final item on that list."

Enter Constantine, the crass, chain-smoking British occult detective, who has a long, complicated history with Zatanna. "He and Zee butt heads over how to deal with her father's final cursed object," Miller teases of the popular DC character's first appearance in the Smallville universe. "It was stolen from Constantine and he wants it back... so he can sell it to the highest bidder."

New chapters of Smallville digital comics are available Fridays at and via the DC Comics app, the iBookstore, Nook Store and Kindle Store. Printed collections are released monthly.

Below is artist Cat Staggs' cover for "Harbinger." For a preview of the first chapter (with art by Daniel HDR, Rodney Buchemi and Garry Henderson), click here.

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