Chloe Sullivan Chloe Sullivan

Chloe Sullivan won't be seen much during the final season of Smallville Allison Mack is signed on for just five episodes of the CW drama — but her passionate fans are getting a nice consolation prize. Clark Kent's pal finally makes her first comic-book appearance in DC Comics' Action Comics No. 893 (on sale September 29). "She's a very successful and dedicated reporter and a major player in Metropolis," says Nick Spencer, who is writing the story (with art by R.B. Silva).

To introduce Chloe — the only key Smallville character who did not originate in Superman's comic adventures — Spencer had to make a few tweaks to her history. "It's a pretty different continuity, which I think has always been the challenging part of bringing Chloe into the DC Comics Universe," Spencer says. "She's never existed in the comics before, so in order to make a part of Clark's life when he was a teenager in Smallville, you'd have to do it somewhat retroactively, and it would age Chloe as a character a lot, since Superman is well past that part of his life in the books."

That said, Spencer promises that "she's the same dogged, funny and principled girl we've all come to love." She'll appear alongside Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen (a version of the character married Chloe on Smallville and later died in the Season 8 finale). Teases Spencer: "She and Jimmy have a previous relationship and that causes him to embark on a huge adventure that takes him across space and alternate realities to prove something to himself and her."

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