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The alt-world Clark is back on Smallville tonight (8/7c on The CW) and you know what that means: More Luthor madness for everyone's favorite reformed bad girl, Tess. Here, in one of her final Smallville interviews, the fabulous Cassidy Freeman fills us in on what to expect when trouble from another universe comes to visit... and how she reacted to reading the script for the show's finale.

TV Guide Magazine: So how does it feel to be done filming forever?
Cassidy Freeman: It feels weird. [Laughs] It feels exciting that we had such a great finale, but also strange to know that I won't be going back up to Vancouver in three months.

TV Guide Magazine: We get some cool stuff from you in this "Kent" episode, huh?
Freeman: Oh yeah. Clark Luthor and Tess know each other's cards. Which is interesting because almost no one on this show knows everyone else's cards. So it's very manipulative, their relationship. What muddies that is the relationship between Otherworld Tess and Clark Luthor, one that maybe this world's Tess doesn't necessarily want, but it does feel good to be wanted in that way. So I think she is very confused. [Laughs].

TV Guide Magazine: Does it get sexy?
Freeman: It does, it gets very flirtatious.

TV Guide Magazine: Is this the tipping point where Tess might decide if she's built to be a good girl or goes back to her Luthor roots?
Freeman: She does have that decision to make, but I don't think it's Clark Luthor who is going to have her make it. She has bigger fish to fry.

TV Guide Magazine: Such as...?
Freeman: Her dad. [Laughs] The real Luthors!

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of dads, this episode also brings back John Schneider as Jonathan Kent.
Freeman:  Yes. I never got to work with him, but John is such a kind, kind man and it's so exciting to have him back. It's a really cool episode. It's very twisty.

TV Guide Magazine: What happens when Clark Luthor shows up?
Freeman: Well, it always takes me a second to figure out which one is which. [Laughs] And then, a total cat-and-mouse game begins... who is on top, who's in control. He plays on my want to be loved. A lot.

TV Guide Magazine: And his endgame is to stay in this universe.
Freeman: Yep.

TV Guide Magazine: How does Tess factor in the plan to bring our Clark back?
Freeman: Oh, I'm involved everywhere. I'm dirty! I have my hands in everything. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Now obviously, you can't tell us anything juicy about the finale. But is it something you think fans will just love?
Freeman: Yeah. I think it's a really, really beautiful ending. I remember when we finally got the last scripts, I called Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders to tell them what an incredible job they did. I read it and got chills. It's awesome.

TV Guide Magazine: Would you say we get happy endings across the board?
Freeman: I don't know. Depends on your definition of "happy." [Laughs] It's a really great ending.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you get to do anything cool?
Freeman: I get to do tons of cool stuff in it, but I can't tell you! I wish I could! I do really cool stuff. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: Did you take anything from the set?
Freeman: I got to keep some of my clothes, but I didn't take anything actually from the set.

TV Guide Magazine: Well, Tess did have some good clothes, so score! What about your monogrammed director's chair?
Freeman: I actually donated my chair to a good cause. Kelly sells the chairs to raise money for one of the many causes she helps with. So I signed it and we auctioned it off for charity.

TV Guide Magazine: What's next for you?
Freeman: I'm shooting a pilot for the A&E network. It's called Longmire and it's a show about a sheriff, set in Wyoming. It's based on a bunch of mystery novels by Craig Johnson.

TV Guide Magazine: Well, I just want to congratulate you on a great run on Smallville, and we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that the pilot gets picked up. This can't be the last time we talk to you.
Freeman: I hope not! [Laughs] And thank you so much!

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