Smallville Smallville

Forget the Great Pyramids. The real sight to see in Egypt is TV Guide Magazine's exclusive photo of Smallville's Lois Lane (Erica Durance) hanging with Carter Hall (Michael Shanks)!

The grump also known as Hawkman flies back in for the Oct. 1st episode to keep an eye on Lois as she begins her new assignment in North Africa... and to fill Clark Kent's gal pal in on his own tortured past with true love Shayera (Sahar Biniaz). Hopefully, his tale convinces the ace reporter to hightail it back to Metropolis, because the episode also introduces Keri Lynn Pratt as pesky new Daily Planet-eer Cat Grant, as well as Bradley Stryker as notorious DC Comics assassin Deadshot.

Are you so excited about Carter's return? What about the new characters heading to town?

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