Callum Blue Callum Blue

Kneel before Callum Blue. The alum of such shows as Related, The Tudors and Secret Diary of a Call Girl has been tapped to join Smallville in the series regular role of big, bad Zod, says the Hollywood Reporter. He'll first appear in the Season 9 premiere, airing Sept. 25.

A criminal castoff from the planet Krypton, Zod was memorably played on the big screen in Superman II by Terence Stamp (who, like Blue, is British). On Smallville, Stamp has somewhat ironically voiced Clark's biological father, Jor-El.

Zod's Smallville return (he possessed Lex/was played by Michael Rosenbaum in Season 6) was forecast in the CW series' Season 8 finale, when Tess saw the villain rise from a fiery "Z" on the Luthor manse's lawn.

Zod, however, is not the only baddie the Red-Blue Blur will need to face this fall. As exclusively reported by, Brian Austin Green will bring Metallo to town for the first two episodes of Season 9.