Aaron Ashmore Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore has been granted another life after being killed off Smallville in 2009.

He's joining Syfy's Warehouse 13 to play ATF agent Steve Jinks, according to EW. Unlike his Smallville role as reporter Jimmy Olsen, Ashmore will play an agent who boasts at least one special power: the ability to tell when somebody is lying.

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He'll be filling in — temporarily at least — for the absent Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), who took H.G. Wells' (Jaime Murray) betrayal pretty hard and left her partner Pete (Eddie McClintock) and their duties at the Warehouse in the second season finale. Recruited by Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder), Jinks will be Pete's new partner in obtaining artifacts for safekeeping in the Warehouse.

Ashmore hasn't been twiddling his thumbs since his Smallville days. He's also appeared on CSI: NY, In Plain Sight and Fringe.

Warehouse 13 kicks off Season 3 this summer with 13 new episodes.