This is the one where Clark and Lana get together for the first time, but I remember it fondly because it showed just how fierce a character Chloe has become. Our favorite farm boy is all powerless and is forced to rely on his best friend to help save Lana and his parents from

The Shield's Lemonhead and the

Powder twins. Allison Mack had some great lines. Here's a good one: "I didn't realize superwhining was one of your powers." And I loved this exchange between Chloe and Clark: "So what you're saying is that now that you're human you have absolutely no useful skills. Not so much." Yup, Im really enjoying the former Torch editor this season. I like her working with Clark and being someone who knows his deepest darkest secret. Meanwhile, ClarkLite is so chipper and non-broody without his powers. Too chipper. Too non-broody. I kinda like the angst that comes with being Kal-El. But if anyone deserves a little sunshine in his life, its Clark. You know the part where all of Smallville was raising the barn? I kept thinking that this would make a great crossover episode with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Who cares if the shows are on different networks?