SmallvilleThis is the one after Bo Duke died. Martha's looking understandably haggard. Clark is superangry and doesn't want anyone to help him with his grief. Well, Mama Kent tries to give him Jonathan's watch, but he says no. Then she takes some of Papa Kent's clothes to the Metropolis homeless shelter, where she gets mugged and then saved by some flying masked woman. Chloe dubs her the "Angel of Vengeance.

" This is when the show again digs out its trusty anvil and hits us over the head with the similarities between this mysterious heroine and the superman Clark grows up to be. Turns out the Angel of Vengeance has a day job as, get this, a mild-mannered reporter for "The Daily Planet." She changes in a phone booth (boo!). She also helps Clark get in touch with his inner angerball (that's a Playing by Heart

reference, one of my favorite movies). This is where I imagined Clark getting his hot little hands on some red kryptonite, 'cause in my world, there isn't a better Clark than one who's hopped up on the red stuff. But no go. Meanwhile, Lex saps out and tells Lana he'll be there for her when she needs someone to lean on, although I'm pretty sure what he wants to do with Lana has nothing to do with leaning. Well, maybe a little leaning. (OK, lots.) At the end of the episode, we saw Jonathan and little Clark in an early Kent-family home video. Then the camera went in tight on Jonathan's ruggedly handsome face right when he waved goodbye. Martha and Clark cry. And I had to take a time-out to collect my thoughts and wipe the pesky dust that flew into my eye at that very moment. Yeah, that's what it was: dust.