Tori Spelling, <EM>Smallville</EM> Tori Spelling, Smallville

Meteor freaks, beware! There's a slippery new villain hitting the CW's Smallville (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET) in the form of Tori Spelling. So we went right to the Beverly Hills, 90210 grad for the scoop on her super guest spot.

TV Guide: Rumor has it you're playing a gossip columnist, which is kind of funny considering....
Tori Spelling:
[Laughs] I love it. I thought if anyone should play a gossip columnist trying to get the dirt on innocent people, it should be me! [Laughs] That's my life every week.

TV Guide: And you get to have superpowers?
Yeah. My character has Kryptonite powers…. So I can turn myself into water. Tom Welling directed [the episode], and that was great. It's only his second time directing, and he was really hands-on. You always want a director who will work with you on your character, and Tom was all for that.

TV Guide: Smallville, that yard sale of your old furniture, a book and reality show in the works. Busy much?
[Laughs] It's so funny. When you're an actor and not working, it's like, "Oh god, I'm never going to work again!" Then I got pregnant [by newlywed husband Dean McDermott] and all of this work came... when I'd be fine not working!

TV Guide: What will your book be like?
When I was doing So NoTORIous, I realized I had all of these funny stories to tell that people would get a kick out of. Things they wouldn't believe that had happened to me.

TV Guide: So it’s something fun?
The last thing I wanted to do was a tell-all. I’m a big David Sedaris fan; I love his voice and his sense of humor. He tells stories, brilliant stories. So it’ll be in that vein.

TV Guide: When you're out in public, do people just start screaming, "Donna Martin graduates!"?
Of course! I've heard that for years. But it never gets old. [Laughs] It's still funny.

TV Guide: So what's the weirdest thing a fan has said to you?
It's more along the lines of people talking about you like you're not there. They think celebrities are deaf. Or they'll point right at you. It's like, "Hello, I see you. Just say hi!"

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