Sleeper CellMuch like this summer's Showtime drama


Sleeper Cell explores what can lurk just below the radar in an average community. With daily news reports of terrorist threats and terrorist acts flooding the airwaves nowadays, it is hard not to think about terrorism as a constant danger here in the States. But it's a wee bit unsettling to watch a group of terrorists frolic in the park with kids at a birthday party. While this series, which is airing more like a miniseries, with four episodes this week and four next, got off to a bit of a slow start, it ended with a brutal scene that will keep me tuning in for the next installment. The disturbing image of that doting father, whose biggest concern early on was keeping his young daughter away from boys, being buried alive up to his neck and then beaten with stones was graphic. And Darwyn (played by Barbershop guy Michael Ealy) has an intense blue-eyed stare that is ordinarily the stuff of my dreams, but his haunted look after he put the final bullet in Bobby was enough to give me nightmares. I wonder if this undercover agent will make it through the next two weeks alive.