After leading us to believe that whiny Osten was going to get the boot last week on Survivor, the Morgan tribe pulled a switcheroo and voted out the castaway they assumed was the weakest link, Ryan Shoulders. The eager 23-year-old was disappointed to be ousted so early, but more annoyed that he was saddled with the disparaging nickname "Skinny Ryan."

"I think it was Osten that came up with the name, but he came up with nicknames for everybody," Shoulders tells TV Guide Online. "Nobody called me 'Skinny Ryan' to my face, except for Andrew and then everyone wrote down 'Skinny Ryan' on their papers at tribal council. I don't want to be stuck with a nickname that Andrew calls me."

Perhaps he could exact revenge on the so-far-unsuccessful leader of the Morgan tribe by giving him an unflattering new moniker. "I know some certain words that could go along with Andrew," he laughs, "But I'm not sure if I should comment further."

Though the good-natured Tennessee native won't take a blatant swipe at Andrew, he will admit that the smooth talking lawyer was responsible for his elimination from the game. "He never gave me a chance, and he didn't take anything that I had to say as valuable," he sighs. "I think he thought I was worthless as far as the physical challenges, and he quickly formed a pact with the other people.

"In reality, I'm huge into sports," he continues. "And I'm such a huge Survivor fan and I studied the show. I was really energetic, because I got to be on this season where the twist [of being thrown overboard with no supplies] was just amazing, and I was hoping that I'd really get to prove myself and emerge victorious under all these harsh conditions. I was really excited about it, but you see how it turned out." Well, at least he's thin.