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Sirens' Kevin Daniels Teases Hank's "Neurotic" Side and His New Romance

Get the scoop on what's ahead in Season 2

Kate Stanhope

The boys of Sirenshave never exactly been the epitome of maturity but when the USA comedy returns for Season 2, Johnny, Hank and Brian will be older and - dare we say - wiser?

"This season we've gotten stronger and grown up a little bit," Kevin Daniels tells TVGuide.com. "I'm excited to see the audience experience this journey with us."

Adapted from the British comedy of the same name by executive producers Denis Leary and Bob Fisher (Wedding Crashers), Sirens first debuted on USA last March as the network's first half-hour comedy. The show's mix of physical gags, raunchy humor and hilarious one-liners helped the show grow a cult following. "There are so many different ways into the show," Daniels says. "It's really funny. It's raunchy. It's adult, but it's also really sweet and it's smart."

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Season 2, premiering Tuesday at 10/9c on USA with back-to-back new episodes, picks up right where the gang left off: Johnny (Michael Mosley) and Theresa (Jessica McNamee) are moving in together after their almost-wedding last season, and Hank is finally ready to settle down, or so he says, following his seemingly endless string of one-night-stands. "You find out that he's a little neurotic. He's a little unsure of what he really wants," Daniels says. "This year, all of us are finding different facets of our characters and what kind of resonates and what sticks. It was just fun to like put on a different hat of the same guy."

The same could be said for Daniels, who came to Sirens after enjoying a recurring role on Modern Family as Cam and Mitch's friend Longines. "When I was in New York, I went to drama school and we did a lot of classical text and Shakespeare, and I did all of the required drama shows like I did the Law & Orders, and Third Watch," he recalls. "I moved to LA and suddenly, I was doing all of these multi-cam shows and single-cam, I was like, 'Oh, am I supposed to be doing comedy?' Jeff Greenberg, who cast me on Modern Family, put me on Frasier and Private Practice and he's like, "No, no, no, you should be doing comedy.'"

Since then, Daniels has become a breakout on Sirens thanks to his character Hank's unabashed honesty about everything from his friends' missteps to his own sexuality. "He speaks his mind. He doesn't have any filters or boundaries," Daniels says. "Also I think the juxtaposition of this hyper-masculine, ex-military, sports-loving guy who's gay - people can't wrap their heads around it, but he doesn't try to be anything other than that."

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On screen, Hank's sexuality will play a bigger role this season when he falls for someone who has close ties to his BFF Johnny. "He's Johnny's landlord and that causes a little conflict," Daniels says. "Suddenly he's in a relationship and he's not been in one for such a long time, he forgets the pitfalls, and so now you see the relationship switch. Last year, Johnny would come to Hank for advice. Now Hank's at Johnny's doorstep and is like, 'Dude, help me.'"

Although Daniels was originally supposed to romance his longtime friend Andrew Rannells on Sirens this season - scheduling issues prevented the planned story line from happening - he's excited to see his show's own unique take on a homosexual relationship. "I think the way that they handle the really adult stuff is they kind of subvert it," he says. "With How to Get Away with Murder, you see it on the screen." But Daniels will still be showing a little skin when he has his first gay sex scene this upcoming season. "I go to my trailer, and there's a pair of skimpy boxers and a robe, and they're like, cool, go for it," he recalls with a laugh. "And it's 30 degrees out."

And it's not just Hank who will enjoy more romance in his life this season. "We all take a big different journey this year," Daniels says. "Everyone has a love story this year. Everyone has a little crisis this year, and then we come back together and we talk about it, and it's just fun."

Sirens airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.