The mermaids on Siren are pretty fierce, rocking those serious claws and razor sharp teeth. Even their tails look like they could rip you to shreds! But what about real mermaids? They totally exist — umm, 99% of the ocean floor is unexplored so they're totally down there, FIGHT ME — but are they fierce beasts or beautiful sirens?

We took the question to the cast of Siren during our visit to the Siren set with a little bit of a twist. We challenged them to draw us what they thought a real mermaid looked like... in 30 seconds or less.

Some of the actors turned out to be secret artists like Ian Verdun and Sibongile Mlambo. If we hadn't timed them ourselves, we'd never believe they pulled out those pictures in half a minute!

Others... well, not everyone can be a jack of all trades.

Eline Powell and Fola Evans-Akingbola gave it the old college try, but sadly, their mermaids turned out a little melted. Their happy chatter about their masterpieces, however, is pure gold. The winner of this hilarious contest has to be Alex Roe though. Let's hope if real mermaids ever do make it to our shores one day, they don't look half as terrifying as his drawing of them.

Siren airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform.

Eline Powell, <em>Siren</em>Eline Powell, Siren