Simon Cowell Simon Cowell

Fox is on the lookout for "stars" who didn't do But Can They Sing? to appear on American Idol grump Simon Cowell's new Fox talent contest, Duets, which will pair them to perform real singers and then get voted off Idol-style by viewers. Sadly, since But Can They Sing? already scraped such "notables" as Michael Copon (who?) and Myrka Dellanos (huh?) off the bottom of the barrel, the remaining talent pool pretty much consists of Lauren Tewes, Edward Furlong and Bud Bundy. At least the sub-lebrities won't have to face producer Cowell's tongue-lashings when the show debuts this summer this time, he's staying behind the scenes. Muttering obnoxiously but still, blessedly, behind the scenes.