The Simpsons Movie courtesy 20th Century Fox The Simpsons Movie courtesy 20th Century Fox

A southeastern-Vermont community bested 13 other Springfields nationwide to be named the official hometown of TV's The Simpsons. As part of the honor, Springfield, Vermont - population 9,300, the smallest of any contender - will host the July 16 premiere of The Simpsons Movie. "We're so excited," the vice president of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce tells the AP. "We came in at the last minute, and for us to win, we feel like the underdogs, which makes this so great for us."

Via an online poll, 20th Century Fox invited people to vote for their favorite among 14 videos submitted by the Springfields. The Vermont burg's entry showed a local TV personality channeling Homer by chasing a giant pink donut through town.

Maybe Smithers now can get that wedding he always wanted?