Stephen Colbert courtesy of Comedy Central Stephen Colbert courtesy of Comedy Central

Some of the guest voices on tap for the 19th season of Fox's The Simpsons, premiering Sept. 23:

" In the season-opener, Lionel Richie as himself and Stephen Colbert as Homer's life coach.

" Steve Buscemi as a bank robber who forms a "connection" with hostage Marge (Sept. 30).

" Jack Black as the owner of Coolsville, a new rival comic-books emporium in town (Oct. 7).

" Later in the season, it's a Frasier reunion as Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney voice Sideshow Bob, brother Cecil and their dad.

Other voices en route to Springfield include Jon Stewart, Matt Dillon, Maya Rudolph, Dan Rather, Placido Domingo, Kurt Loder, Weird Al Yankovic, Beverly D'Angelo and Topher Grace.