The Simpsons was already riding high on a wave of cultural relevance this week, what with that Homer-sinking-into-the-bushes gif being the perfect accompaniment to a million tweets about White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's attempts to dodge reporters after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

But now, the longest-running comedy on TV is having a meta-moment on Twitter, thanks to an account that draws connections between The Simpsons and... well, every other movie or television show in the known universe, basically.

Tweeting from the handle @SimpsonsFilms, this new-ish account has demonstrated an incredible talent for summing up feature films and TV series in a single shot from The Simpsons. The parallels range from literal to esoteric, but whoever is running this show clearly knows their stuff. Below, we round up a few of the more remarkable picks from the small-screen side.

Game of Thrones, featuring Marge as Cersei:

Arrested Development gets the gif treatment:

The X-Files, for which The Simpsons sums up not just one episode, but the whole series:

And Westworld, which... WOW. Honestly? That's uncanny.