Kelly Clarkson by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo Kelly Clarkson by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo

Refusing to walk away from her beef with her record label, Kelly Clarkson tells the August issue of Blender that during one of her face-offs with BMG/RCA boss Clive Davis, she said, "I don't know you very well, and I am not a bullsh---er. I get [that] you don't like the album. You're 80; you're not supposed to like my album." The 25-year-old's harsh diss of the music legend, who had been vocal with his concerns about her new material, doesn't sit well with the American Idol's onetime judge and jury, Simon Cowell. "Clive Davis at 80 is better than 99 percent of the people in the music business in their twenties, thirties and forties. And he's not [even] 80, he's less than 80," Simon tells TV's Extra.

The Brit's advice to Kel? "Kiss and make up, decide what's best, get on with it!" And then write us a nice catchy song about it.