This fall you'll find shows full of mysterious monsters, quaint suburban neighborhoods brimming with deadly secrets and, yep, even a famous CEO looking for an apprentice. Sound familiar? Here's a roundup of new series "inspired" by recent hits.
Singer Amy Grant travels across the country making people's dreams come true in NBC's Three Wishes, while on ABC's The Miracle Workers, a top-notch team of doctors uses cutting-edge medical technology to help seriously ill patients. Somewhere in America, Extreme Makeover's Ty Pennington is already weeping.

Martha Stewart looks to young entrepreneurs — with home-decorating experience, of course — to boost her business in NBC's The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. With all due respect to Donald Trump, this offering from the domestic diva could feature the best boardroom ever.

On CBS' Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as a perky antiques-shop owner and newlywed who sees dead people. It's Medium minus the hardened DA boss.

West Wing fans, don't fret: Your favorite show may be on its last legs, but here comes ABC's Commander-In-Chief, a White House drama with Geena Davis in the Oval Office.

NBC's Fathom, a drama about a mysterious underwater creature; CBS' Threshold, featuring a ragtag group of experts called in to investigate a UFO landing; and ABC's Invasion, about — you guessed it — an alien invasion, all owe their place on the fall schedule to Lost. With similar character-driven plots, slowly unfolding mysteries and deadly — or are they? — beasties, the only thing missing in these shows is flashbacks. And Hurley's numbers.

CSI junkies can get their procedural fix from Fox's Bones, about a forensic anthropologist and novelist. Or from Fox's The Gate, a drama that infiltrates San Francisco's Deviant Crime Unit, or from CBS' Criminal Minds, which revolves around an elite squad of FBI profilers.

In CBS' Close to Home, a seemingly quiet suburban enclave is actually home to all sorts of secrets and seedy crimes. The only person who can help is young, aggressive prosecutor Jennifer Finnigan. Hey, when you're done there, Ms. Finnigan, they need you over on Wisteria Lane.